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Liquidity Pools reward users for providing liquidity for key assets within the KeeperDAO ecosystem.
KeeperDAO offers five liquidity pools for farming ROOK tokens: ETH, WETH, USDC, renBTC, and DAI pools. The liquidity provided by these pools is used by KeeperDAO's Keepers for Flash Loans as well as JITU.
KeeperDAO offers five liquidity pools.

kToken and Deposit Fee

When you deposit assets into a liquidity pool, you receive kToken in return which represents your share of the pool. Conversely, you provide kToken when you want to remove your deposit from the liquidity pool. kToken is transferable and whoever holds it gains ownership of the liquidity pool share. Each liquidity pool has its own kToken: kDAI for DAI pool, kETH for ETH pool, etc.
Depositing into a liquidity pool comes with a 0.64% fee, which will be deducted from the asset you supply. For example, when you deposit 100 ETH into the ETH pool, 0.64 ETH will be deducted from your deposit. This prevents liquidity providers from removing their deposit at whim, which would impact the amount of liquidity available for KeeperDAO's keepers. The deposit fee will then be shared among the existing liquidity providers.
"Collected Fees" (right) represents the deposit fees a liquidity provider accrues over time

User's Benefits

By depositing assets into the liquidity pool, a user can:
    Earn ROOK rewards based on the APY of each pool.
    Earn deposit fees paid out in the underlying token of the pool, when new deposits are made by other liquidity providers.

How much ROOK do I get?

Each liquidity pool features a different APY, which represents the annualized amount of ROOK rewards you would get by providing liquidity to the pool. The APY value is not constant: it fluctuates based on the price of ROOK token and the demand for the underlying token of each pool.
"Rewards" (bottom right) represent the earning in ROOK token for providing liquidity.

When will I be able to claim my ROOK rewards?

Rewards for liquidity providers are calculated and emitted per-block (i.e. every fifteen seconds or so). You can claim them any time by clicking the "CLAIM" button on the home page. Check out this guide on how to do so.

Risk assessment

Interaction with any smart contract carries risk. Please exercise your own discretion when considering whether or not to participate.
The security of the KeeperDAO is our #1 priority, and we encourage users to research and understand the risks involved prior to engaging with the protocol. KeeperDAO smart contracts have been designed to prioritize security, and have undergone 3 separate audits with third party auditors and independent consultants.
Prior to any upgrade to the protocol in the future, we will undergo security audits as well ahead of any new deployment. However, we can not guarantee that audits eliminate and highlight all potential risks involved. We encourage users to exercise their own discretion, and recommend caution when considering suitability for participating in the protocol.
KeeperDAO Liquidity Pool contracts have undergone several audits:
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