Keepers are bots facilitating many actions on generalized platform blockchains.
Keepers are independent actors — typically automated bots — that observe blockchains for on-chain profit opportunities in the form of market arbitrage or liquidation opportunities. Keepers are often painted as negative participants in the ecosystem — but in fact, their participation is essential. DeFi protocols like DEXes and lenders are reliant on Keepers to operate and stay solvent.
The on-chain profits attract a number of parties who are willing to incorporate predatory tactics to gain an advantage, so, like a chess grandmaster, Keepers have to execute the right set of moves to capture on-chain profit opportunities. Unfortunately, as established in the Introduction, the Ethereum Dark Forest and subsequent zero-sum competition between Keepers has disincentivized them.
KeeperDAO intends to formalize and incentivize the beneficial work of Keepers. The result is the Coordination Game — an antidote to the harsh and avoidable needless competition.
The Coordination Game incentivizes arbitrageurs and liquidators — collectively knowns as Keepers — to collaborate with each other, instead of fighting gas wars against each other. By playing the game - taking turns, redistributing profit, and discouraging bad actors with tit-for-tat strategies - Keepers can earn more profit than if they were to act as an individual.


Becoming a Keeper with KeeperDAO can significantly improve the amount of MEV you can capture due to the following advantages:
    No competition between Keepers as you are coordinating and taking turns between each other. This leads to the elimination of priority gas auctions (PGAs).
    Access to on-chain profit opportunities is routed through KeeperDAO using the Hiding Game (link). These opportunities are not visible to anyone outside KeeperDAO walls.
    Access to the substantial liquidity pools of the protocol which you can leverage through flash loans. With these resources, you can capture more MEV than if you were deploying with your own liquidity.

Becoming a KeeperDAO Keeper

If you are a Keeper and would prefer to collaborate instead of compete and maximize your profits, become a KeeperDAO Keeper:
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