KeeperDAO introduced and leverages a novel Governance model which supports an ideal model: efficiency for agreeable Proposals while scaling friction with Proposal risk and complication.
One of the promises of blockchain is total decentralisation. KeeperDAO upholds this promise by developing an egalitarian governance structure. The governance mechanism echoes the central values of KeeperDAO — equality, fairness, innovation, and security.
As part of this new governance structure, ROOK token holders play an integral role in the future of KeeperDAO. As we move towards complete decentralization, voters make the decisions related to new features, treasury funds, and rules for stakeholders.


On August 1st, KeeperDAO published a blog post, "Introducing KeeperDAO Governance," which lays out the novel decentralised governance process for KeeperDAO. The document will lead you through all the details. Learn about the Keeper economy, what's behind the governance design, and how the governance process is structured. Don't worry, the latest findings about decision-making on Swedish fishing boats were included, along with plenty of research on other self-organizing institutions. This inaugural piece can be read here.


On August 24th, 2021, KeeperDAO released a formalization around it's novel governance structure. You can read the KeeperDAO Governance Beigepaper here.


Governance has gone live in September 2021 with a novel Governance model optimized around efficiency for low-friction proposals with desired friction scaling with risk. You can view the latest in KeeperDAO's governance on the forum.
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