Users of decentralised finance services
Next - Ecosystem ParticipantsProtocolsDeFi users are the most important actors on the blockchain as they create value through their interactions with DeFi applications. However, they are unfairly affected by the activities of other actors in the dark forest that is Ethereum.
On-chain profit opportunities — often referred to as MEV — are caused by users. These opportunities attract various actors, like miners and third-party bots (Keepers), willing to use aggressive strategies like front running, tailgating, and sandwiching to extract profits. This has led to adverse scenarios like Priority Gas Auctions and grim triggering in the Ethereum public mempool. As a result, users face increased transaction costs, failed transactions, price slippage, and congestion.
The tactics behind these strategies also show a greater threat to the fundamental assumptions of blockchain itself. The ability of miners to essentially censor a user by reordering transactions, or by reorganizing blocks, poses a threat to the integrity and core values of blockchain technology.
The mission of KeeperDAO is to uphold the values of blockchain — equality, fairness, security, and innovation. KeeperDAO fixes Ethereum's broken incentive structure by incentivizing Keepers and miners to coordinate rather than compete. This results in a fair distribution of on-chain profits and benefits all actors involved through lower gas fees, faster transactions, and less slippage on trades for Ethereum users.
KeeperDAO has developed cutting edge products backed by the capabilities of KeeperDAO Keepers —
While we continue to develop novel products and strengthen our protocol, these products give you an early access look inside the KeeperDAO walls protected by Keepers.
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